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Go Digital. Build a website. Embrace technology.

  1. Are you at a juncture where you need to enable your business technologically in order to run it?
  2. Are you unsure about what technology can do for you and how and what software/product to use?
  3. Are you a stable offline business which wants to capture newer digitally-savvy customers?
  4. Are you an established business with an online presence who needs to finetune their digital branding to make more effective sales?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, Netplatter can be your Go-to partner. 

We are a young and budding technology consulting and implementation firm and we understand that digital transformation is a deliberate but gradual journey that a business needs to embark on. Our founder and owner, Sameer Naik, comes with more than a decade of experience in the Tech world, working with businesses of varying scale and domains. We bring together easy to use, quick to deploy solutions for your most pressing needs today and phased-out solution deployments to help you achieve your long-term vision

We are the Digital front office automation company that you can rely on..

Long term partnership

Netplatter works as an extended team of our clients.This helps in working in the interest of the businesses we work for and maintain transparency. As against working on a project basis, our approach helps our client integrate our services in marketing or technology seamlessly into their growth story.

Global Reach

We have access to markets and resources across the globe with a strong focus on South East Asia, North America and Middle East. Our clients can make use of this network and get access to the best insights and diverse markets.

Experienced consulting

We know the best practices around the world. Having worked extensively in the sales and marketing of IT and non-IT products across the globe, we have the best when it comes to getting the front-end solutions that you require. Our other businesses put us in a unique position of understanding your business needs better.

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Want to work with us?

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We are currently looking for the following positions:

  • Lead developer
  • Client manager
  • Marketing Specialist


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